Redfeather Pace 25"

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Redfeather Pace 25"

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PACE 500 Recreational Snowshoes

If you just sat around and let other people do the living you wouldn't in this club. No, you'd be in the Whiny-Whiny-I-Can't-Do-It Lame-o Club. You wouldn't know the splendor of the winter woods. You wouldn't know the true potential of hot chocolate and schnapps. You wouldn't even know there were such things as snowshoes built specifically to accommodate a woman's narrower stride. That is not a life lived.

CRAMPONS: Sure-Grip crampon system with stainless-steel front and rear crampons for stability on hills. Powder-coated to shed snow and ice.

FRAME: Extruded 6000 Series aluminum tube V-tail design for more natural stride

BINDINGS: OPTIMA PLUS: Binding design specific to a woman's foot shape, gait and stride. Features a V-Tightening System with nylon web straps and glove-friendly sliding buckles, and a unique lateral support rib that aligns foot vertically to eliminate lateral movement. Textured foot bed and easily adjusted quick-release buckle on the heel strap.

HINGE: Delta Live-Action Hinge lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow with every step for added mobility and speed, and provides extra lateral support and "purchase" when traversing slopes.

model 25 | weight: 2.9 lbs. user weight: up to 175 lbs.

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