Venture Canoes Prospector 155 Corelite X

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Venture Canoes Prospector 155 Corelite X

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Venturen lyhyempi Prospector malli, toimii näppäränä päivä ja viikonloppuretki-inkkarina. Samalla kätevä käsitellä myös soolona.

The Venture Prospector 155 inspires confidence in all paddling conditions with its classic symmetrical hull and soft tumblehome for great all round performance. This versatile canoe is at home on day trips or longer expeditions, tracks and manoeuvres easily and is responsive to edging.

Proficient canoeists will enjoy the Prospectors edging capabilities and making the most of turns on flat or moving water. With slightly higher sides than the 16 model, you'll quickly gain confidence paddling in all conditions.


Classic Hull:

Gives great edging capability.

Corlite Construction:

Increased Rigidity, buoyancy and durability.

End decks with moulded handles:

Add strength and give a comfortable way to carry your canoe.

Wood Web Seat:

A classic design that is comfortable whilst paddling seated or kneeling.

Carrying Yoke:

A contoured yoke increases comfort while carrying your canoe and adds strength to the hull.

Pituus: 464cm

Leveys 91cm

Korkeus keskeltä 36cm

Paino: n. 31kg

Rocker: Moderate

Kantavuus: n. 370kg

Materiaali: Corelite X

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