2017 Red Sport 12'6"

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2017 Red Sport 12'6"

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Sport 12,6 tarjoaa mahdollisuuden pitkille reissuille ja se on täydellinen lauta heille, jotka ovat hieman liian isoja 11' sport lautaan. RSS raudat pitävät laudan jäykkänä aallokossa.

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The 2017 Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport offers the ability to go on longer trips and is the perfect board for a rider who is a bit too heavy for the 11′ Sport and wants something a little sleeker and faster than the new 11’3″ Sport. The RSS battens really make the board super stiff underfoot meaning you are able to tackle choppy water as well.

The Sports have been designed for a slightly more experienced paddler in mind offering a step up in speed and dynamic performance from the Ride family. The shape allows the Sport to cut through the water which is matched by incredible glide, thanks to the drawn out nose