Gearlab Malik

169,00 €

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Gearlab Malik

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Uutuus! Nyt saatavilla! Huokeampi ja huolettomampi versio grönlantilaismelasta aloittelevalle melojalle, vuokraamoille, melontaseuroille.

Malik is a great solution and companion for kayak clubs, touring service, kayakers fresh to Greenland-style paddling, or simply a spare paddle. Made of polypropylene, a scratch resistant and impact proof material. Every set of paddle has special DIY stickers, great way to express a paddler’s uniqueness.

Pituus: 220cm

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Premium Features,
Easy to Afford

The new Malik, shaped and designed with several premium features from Gearlab’s iconic performance carbon fiber paddles, at an entry level price point.


You will find the same exchangeable ProTek tips and carbon fiber D-Joint grips previously available only on Gearlab’s high-end lines.


Blade Width 8.8 cm
Weight 990 ± 30 g
Blade Material Polypropylene
Loom Material Carbon Fiber