Nelo Viper 55 - A1 - Lasikuitu

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Nelo Viper 55 - A1 - Lasikuitu

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Nelon uudet kuntokajakkimallit. Viper 51 aktiiveille, Viper 55 astetta tukevampi, Viper 60  erittäin tukeva harrastelijoille.

Pituus 520cm
Leveys 55cm
Athletes Kg Range: N/A
Boat Length: 5,2 m
Boat Kg Range: A1/16 - WWR/12 - E/10 Kg
Ideal For: Touring | Racing
Stability Level: 4
Beam: 0,55 m
Cockpit: 1 m x 0,51 m

The VIPER 55 is an intermediate model to complete our range in the fast touring boats class.The idea is simple create a boat that will allow all those which started paddling with the Viper 60 or similar models to go faster but are not ready yet for the 51, and to all those using the 51 but that feel that more stability could improve their performance.



A1 - Fiberglass Polyester This is the basic construction that is thought to be an economic option for touring and learning boats.