Peak UK Explorer Jacket - XS ( POISTOTUOTE)

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Peak UK Explorer Jacket - XS ( POISTOTUOTE)

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Articulated sleeves with bent elbows. Fully taped seams. Breathable and durable mid weight X4 ripstop nylon with 30m waterproofing. Tough single layer elbows that increase the jackets breathability. Zip opening neck with stowed away X2.5 ripstop nylon hood outer. Watertight and really soft superstretch neoprene inner neck cone with AO sealing strap. Latex inner wrists with opening neoprene outer with Velcro enclosure. Neoprene outer waist with opening Velcro enclosures. X4 Ripstop nylon inner waist with elasticated binding on edge. Double front zip pockets for easy access whilst wearing a PFD. Reflective sleeve stripes. Zip pocket on LH sleeve. Fully adjustable zip away hood.

Sizes: XS
Colours: Blue / Grey
Uses: Touring. Flatwater. Ocean. Instruction