KOKATAT Hydrus 3.0 Swift Entry melontapuku sepalusketjulla ja sukilla

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KOKATAT Hydrus 3.0 Swift Entry melontapuku sepalusketjulla ja sukilla

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Helposti puettava yleis melontapuku, mikä ei ole hinnalla pilattu. Vakiona lateksi mansetit kaulassa ja ranteissa, sukat ja kuvasta poiketen vetoketju helpottamaan vessa käyntejä.

Puku on valmistettu Hydrus 3L kolmikerros materiaalista.

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Hydrus 3L (3-layer) is a waterproof breathable three-layer fabric designed to keep paddlers completely dry in extreme conditions. Available in bold new colors, the super tough nylon woven outer layer provides long lasting abrasion protection and features a durable water repellent (DWR) coating which repels water. The mid-layer utilizes a proprietary polyurethane micro-porous coating, allowing water vapor to transfer from the inner layer to the outer. The soft, knit polyester inner layer is engineered to help manage moisture, moving it from the inside out. The result is an exceptionally waterproof, breathable alternative that stays dry and comfortable. Kokatat Hydrus 3L garments are backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Technical Info
  • Nylon waterproof front entry zipper
  • Nylon waterproof rear dropseat for women
  • Latex neck gasket
  • Latex wrist and ankle gaskets with adjustable “hook & loop” cuff
  • Adjustable bungee drawcord at waist • Reinforced seat and knee patches; self-draining
  • Every suit 100% fill tested; guaranteed to be dry