Ram Rap-430tdu Tough-Clip pidike melalle

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Ram Rap-430tdu Tough-Clip pidike melalle

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RAM Tough-Clip pidike melalle. Valmistusmateriaali vahva ja kestävä komposiitti. Kiinnitysvaihtoehtoina on kiinnitys RAM Tough-Track kiinnityskiskoon tai ruuvikiinnitys.

RAM® Tough-Clip Paddle Cradle with Track and Drill-Down Mounting Hardware
Part# RAP-430TDU
The RAM Tough-Clip Paddle Cradle allows you to mount a paddle to your canoe, kayak or paddleboard. With its universal design, the Tough-Clip will hold most paddles with a handle of 1”-1.31” in diameter. This kit includes hardware and instructions for both a drill-down installation option and a track mounting option that’s compatible with the RAM Tough-Track.