Nelo Viper 51 - WWR - Hiilikuitu/Kevlar epoksi vakuumi

3 200,00 €

Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

Tuotekoodi: 001863

Nelo Viper 51 - WWR - Hiilikuitu/Kevlar epoksi vakuumi

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Nelon uudet kuntokajakkimallit. Viper 51 aktiiveille, Viper 55 astetta tukevampi, Viper 60  erittäin tukeva harrastelijoille.

Pituus 520cm
Leveys 51cm

The Vipers shape fits in the Danish Rules for touring kayaks, but at the same time aspires to be faster and more comfortable than its competitors. With that in mind, its paddling position as well as the shape of deck has been improved to maximize the performance of the paddler, allowing speeds similar to the racing kayaks. The Viper has the same fittings as s sprint kayak: platform seat, adjustable footrest and under stern rudder.

WWR - Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum

This construction is thought for river descent, marathon training and sea kayaking. Its main characteristics are stiffness and impact resistance.