Werner Sho-Gun

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Werner Sho-Gun

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Werner Sho-Gun - suoravartinen Werner Sho-Gun - Neutral Bent Shaft

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A legendary figure in Japanese culture. Sho-Gun "General" leads your charge down river.

The Sho-Gun uses our most advanced technology in this river running paddle. As powerful as its name suggests, the rivers that paddlers take the Sho-Gun often need some aggression to navigate each horizon line. Decades of experience led us to the chosen paddle for many at the top of their game

  • Our largest Performance Core blade design, it is light and buoyant in aerated water
  • Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release
  • Impact Resistant Kevlar(tm) and a double layer of Dynel(tm) edging adds durability
  • Available in straight or neutral bent; standard or small diameter
  • Werner's legendary bomber strength


  • Vakiopituudet: 194cm, 197cm, 200cm, 203cm
  • Lapakulma varastomalleissa 30°R
  • Lavan pinta-ala 711cm²
  • Lavan mitat 48cm x 20cm


  • 1-osaisena suoralla varrella: 565€
  • 1-osaisena ergovarrella: 770€
  • 2-osaisella suoralla varrella: 599€