Werner Sho-Gun - Neutral Bent Shaft

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Werner Sho-Gun - Neutral Bent Shaft

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The Sho-Gun is the ultimate creek and river running paddle. The large blade design is balanced to create a clean catch that is immediately powerful and smooth through out the entire stroke.

  • Our largest Performance Core blade design, it is light and buoyant in aerated water
  • Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release
  • Impact Resistant Kevlar(tm) and a double layer of Dynel(tm) edging adds durability
  • Available in straight or neutral bent; standard or small diameter
  • Werner's legendary bomber strength
Surface Area 728sq cm
Blade Length x Width 48 x 20cm
Weight for 197cm
Straight Shaft 1021g/36oz
Neutral Bent Shaft 1077g/38oz
Recommended Length 191-200cm
Available Lengths:
Straight Shaft 185-206cm
Neutral Bent Shaft 188-203cm