Grey Owl Monarch

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Grey Owl Monarch

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The lightest wooden bent shaft available today.

Grip:  5 ply laminated basswood, cobra style

Shaft:  8 ply laminated basswood and white cedar, oval 1 ¼” x 1 116”, 14° angle

Blade:  9 ply laminated white cedar with 4oz fibreglass cloth overlay

Blade Cross Section Style:  curved, cambered

Tip Material & Style:  casting epoxy, complete edge

Finish:  high gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block

Usage:  outrigger and marathon racing, sit and switch flat water touring

These are excellent shallow or deep water paddles that offer increased efficiency through paddle design and paddling technique. The blade of the paddle is offset from the shaft to allow the blade to remain vertical to the canoe’s path throughout the stroke. This improves the efficiency of each stroke and allows shorter strokes at an increased stroke rate. These factors coupled with a ‘sit & switch’ technique (i.e. changing sides every twelve strokes or so to reduce fatigue and steering correction) make Grey Owl bent shafts hard to beat for long distance paddling.  Bent shaft paddles are not designed to be a cruising type of paddle and the angle does limit the types of stroke one can apply thus making it a tricky paddle to use in wind and moving water.

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