Ortlieb X-Tremer 150L reppu

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Ortlieb X-Tremer 150L reppu

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Descend into the underground, set foot into an unknown world. This requires courage, heaps of equipment and our robust X-Tremer. Both sizes, 113 L or 150 L, are huge and valuable alternatives to rigid boxes and bulky barrels. The 100% waterproof X-Tremer features a roll-n snap closure and anatomically shaped, padded and adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap for carrying comfort and perfect fit. Also suitable as protective transport cover for luggage. When empty, they are easy to fold flat into a small package.

Further features:

+ three D-rings for fixing and locking (with padlock)
+ weld-on patches with tear-strength up to 1102 lb/500 kg
+ easy to clean inside

Info Roll-down Closure:

The easily operable roll-down closure is proven to be absolutely safe in any situation. Prior to immersion in water, roll at least four times and close the buckles. The entire equipment is packed in a compact way for convenient transport.


he height indicated refers to closed dry bags which are rolled three times. For the open length, please add appr. 7,9 in./20cm.