Hiko Crust Neopreenipeite

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Hiko Crust Neopreenipeite

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Hikon neopreeninen koskaripeite. Valmistettu elastisesta ja kestävästä SUPRATEX neopreenista. Liimateipatut saumat.

Kauhukahva edessä ja pääliosan poikki.

Aukkokoot: CL 80, CL87 ja CL94

Vyötärökoot XS-XL

Hikon Neopreenipeitteiden kokotaulukko
Istuma-aukko Vyötärö
Uusi koko (Istuma-aukon kokonaispituus) Yleinen kokomerkintä
Suositeltu kokonaispituus
Koko Vyötärönympärys [cm]
      XS 65
CL72 small(T2) 67-77 S 72
CL80 standart(T3) 75-85 M 78
CL87 big(T4) 82-92 L 85
CL94 X-big(T5) 89-99 XL 90
      XXL 95


Abrasion resistant spraydeck is suitable for use in white water as well as tourism.

- Perfect for rentals as well as private users.

- It is made of flexible abrasion resistant material Supratex.

- Pre-bent shape as well as pre-flexed rubber cord ensures the spraydeck fits perfectly and holds tight even in more difficult WW levels.

- Thanks to a rubber coating around its circumference the spraydeck wrings nicely to a cockpit.

- Large loop in the front of the spraydeck can be easily located.

- Adjustable strap in the area of knees helps to ensure better fit of the spraydeck on the cockpit.

- It can also be used to rip of the spraydeck in case of emergency when you are unable to get hold of the front loop.