NorthStar Canoes Phoenix - Star/Lite Alutrim

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NorthStar Canoes Phoenix - Star/Lite   Alutrim

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Rivers flow exhilaratingly fast and soulfully slow. Paddlers often encounter both experiences on the same river a few hours apart. The only Northstar solo canoe with symmetrical rocker, the Phoenix offers an uncompromising hull design to deftly handle any water conditions, flat or fast.

Following the footsteps of legendary YellowStone/Wild Fire- Solo - NorthStar Phoenix will answer to the needs of most river- and allaround solo paddlers. If your paddling is more focused on more open and bigger waters you might like to look also for NorthStar NorthWind Solo


Review of Phoenix by legendary Cliff Jacobson



Product data:

Length: n. 14ft 6" (n. 4,4m)

Widht: n. 30" (n. 76,2cm)

Rocker: 2.5 keula / 2.5 perä

Optimal load: n. 170–350 lbs (n. 77kg-159kg)

Weight: StarLite n. 29lbs (n. 13.2kg) /   BlackLite n. 32lbs (n. 14,5kg) /   Gold n. 38lbs (n. 17kg) / IXP Innegra n. 41lbs (n. 18kg)


Material options:



IXP Innegra - (Really durable!) n. 41lbs/18kg


StarLite - (Kevlar/Lite) n. 29lbs/13.2kg

Black/Lite - n. 32lbs/14,5kg


2 different options for edges: 

Aluminium edge (std.)

Wooden edge +650e

E6 carbon edge +950e

-Physical invetory situation changes-

NewestExtremely durable IXP Innegra Structure.

Demonstration on the durability of the IXP Innegra structure 



Video 2

Video 3



Material Options



Carbon outer with Aramid reinforcements. Combines the stiffness of carbon fiber with the excellent tensile strength of Aramid. Our full wet vacuum bag and foam core allows us to artfully balance strength and weight. For those that want significantly greater durability than StarLite, yet value a lightweight canoe. Exterior resin coated for maximum weight savings.

Color: Black carbon weave.



All Aramid. Our proprietary yellow and black makes a stunning moiré pattern. Full wet bag minimizes resin and creates the lightest weight canoe available. Foam core, ribs and internal reinforcements make a stiff, efficient hull. The choice of flat-water paddlers everywhere. Exterior resin coated for maximum weight savings.

Color: Northstar proprietary Aramid weave.



Substantial Innegra with an inner blanket of Aramid. Innegra has excellent impact absorption, great flex and good abrasion resistance. A full wet vacuum bag makes a durable, reasonably light canoe. Multiple layers of Innegra with no foam core or ribs means a canoe capable of extended river tripping and expedition whitewater, just like Royalex. Exterior resin coated because gel coat chips and cracks when subjected to substantial impacts.

Color: Innegra weave





Aramid is the generic name for Kevlar.