Epic V10L

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Epic V10L

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Epic V10L - Performance Epic V10L - Ultra

V10L on omaa samat ominaisuudet kuin V10 mutta on vartavasten suunniteltu hieman pienemmille melojille < 75kg.


Pituus 6.15m
Leveys 44cm
Korkeus 30cm
Optimi lasti 75 kg

 Painot rakenteittain

Club (lasikuitu) 17,5 kg

Performance (komposiitti hybridi: lasikuitu, hiilikuitu, kevlar) : 16 kg

Ultra (Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric): 12,3 kg

Kuvassa Epic V10.

The new Epic V10 has been the most successful all around surf ski over the past year - getting rave reviews from advanced level paddlers for its speed, handling, ergonomics and stability. With the new, redesigned V10L we’ve taken that winning combination and optimized the hull for paddlers 75 kg (165 lbs) and under.