Mitchell Black Magic

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Mitchell Black Magic

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Silmiä hivelevän kaunis retkimela jossa puu ja hiilikuitu täydessä harmoniassa.

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Weight: 32oz
Lengths: 215cm, 220cm, 225cm
Angles: 60°
The ultimate in Sea Touring. Wood and composites combine to create the most cutting edge and responsive sea touring paddle ever created.

Paddle Features

The newest in a highly successful line of hybrid wood/composite paddles. Weighing in at 32oz, the paddle feels like much less because of the incredibly light blades and therefor very low swing weight. The shaft is laminated with cedar, ash, and walnut and has comfortable flex while maintaining high strength. The blades have additional curve which makes them slide into the water with no splash and catch more water, resulting in a rock solid forward stroke. It is truly a paddle that must be experienced to be understood.

Paddle Details

Blades - Cedar core covered with Carbon fiber
Shafts - Laminated ash, walnut, and cedar