Hiko Guardian 3D

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Hiko Guardian 3D

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Päivitetty versio Guardian-liivistä. Todella mukava istuvuus, suuri etutasku ja reilummin kelluttavuutta, eli erittäin hyvät ja turvalliset koskiliivit vaativiinkin olosuhteisiin

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XS: 30-50kg / 65N

S/M: 30-75kg / 75N

L/XL: 50-90kg / 85N

XXL: 80+kg / 90N

Anatomically shaped rescue PFD with next gen 3D construction designed for maximum floatation, fit and mobility.

- ISO 12402-5 a ISO 12402-6

- Designed for paddling and swiftwater rescue in extreme whitewater.

- Thanks to its unique 3D construction it is excellent for freestyle use as well.

- Carefully designed 3D construction has unparalleled respect for the human anatomy.

- Unique telescopic side system fixates the both front and back panels so that flotation stays in place when

exposed to turbulent whitewater. Additionally the side foam protects the rib cage from possible impact.

- Padded shoulder straps are equipped with an adjustable system to accommodate for the height of a paddlers

torso and preferred position of the vest (high for kayaking / low for rafting).

When fully tightened, the shoulder maintains a range of flexibility that is limited in full extension for safety.

- An integrated safety strap system is structured both vertically and horizontally throughout the PFD.

- A large front pocket with zipper entry is compartmentalized for easy access and features an inner zipper

pocket on the lid to maintain better organization. The lash tab knife holder houses the knife tip into

an integrated cover (In order to shield the knife from catching when entering a raft).

- Neoprene pocket located on the shoulder accommodates an integrated safety whistle.