Playboater WorkDeck

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Playboater WorkDeck

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Playboater WorkDeck - Big deck - Vyötärö L Playboater WorkDeck - Big deck - Vyötärö XL Playboater WorkDeck - Keyhole - Vyötärö L
Playboater WorkDeck - Keyhole - Vyötärö XL

Hinta-Laatu suhteeltaan hyvä neopreenipeite kevlar vahvikkein.

The Work Deck sets the standard for whitewater decks. With Latex coating inside for grip and Kevlar reinforcing on top. The latest version features our retro-reflective logo for road crossing during night time pirate runs and an even more durable version of our Tuff-Tek neoprene.

S (26-30" 60-70cm), M (30-34" 70-80cm), L (34-36" 80-90cm), XL (36-40" 90-100cm)

DECK SIZES Keyhole: (K 70-85cm cockpits) Bigdeck: (B 80-95 cockpits)