Zandstra Foss Duo teroitustimantti #400 / #1200 (7514)

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Zandstra Foss Duo teroitustimantti #400 / #1200 (7514)

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Foss Duo Diamond stone offers the ultimate in sharpening your skate blades. The stone features multiple layers of the
hardest micron-sized diamonds. The diamonds are bonded in nickel and attached to a flat metal surface.
The overlapping hole design of the diamond stone collects and holds the metal fillings during the sharpening process. These
features will enables you to sharpen the highest quality speed blades quickly and easily.
Size: 250 x 70 x 100 mm.
Made up : - Extra Fine diamond plate, 1200 grit
- Fine diamond plate, 400 grit
- Reinforced plastic base with 6 magnets
Thanks to two small holes on the side of the plastic base one can easily remove the diamond plates. This to clean or replace.
Some advantages:
- Quickly and easily sharpening
- The stone always stays flat
- Less burr on the sides of the runner of the skate
- Last longer
- Suitable for all qualities of steel (Carbon, stainless, bi-metal, PM etc)

- Easy to clean
- Almost unbreakable, low weight, easy to care
Special features:
Unique of this system is the option to remplace the 2 diamond plates.
Replacement plate seperate available 1200 or 400 grit.
Care and use:
Use water as lubricant. The diamond stone will then last longer. Use light pressure. Let the diamond do its work. It is advised to dry
the plates after use and before your put the stone away. Occasionally clean your stone with soapy water and mild brush, then wipe

Durabilty information:
The innitial aggressive cutting speed of all diamond sharpening stones will slow with use. At the same time the abrasive finish
will improve. Do not be confused by this process, it is normal and should be expected. Your diamond stone is breaking in, it is not
wearing out !!!