Nortik Cityraft

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Nortik Cityraft

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nortik CityRaft: The Packraft (not only) for "townies"

The nortik CityRaft has been especially designed for use in urban areas. The focus here is much more on directional stability than on the usually desired agility in running waters.
Many cities invite you to go "city rafting". Just think of Hamburg, Berlin, Venice, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, etc. This includes of coursemany, many smaller cities like Bamberg, Passau, etc. as well! The ingenious system of the (dry) seating position and integrated skeg ensures a relaxed tour through the urban jungle! 
But the CityRaft can also be used wherever you need directional stability. For example crossing standing waters such as lakes and calm rivers or for fishing. The possible uses are numerous: Simply take the CityRaft out of your pocket to combine sightseeing with water sport units, comfortably avoid the daily traffic by getting to work on the water,  or simply enjoy a few paddle strokes on your city's river or or some other standing water - the CityRaft is the perfect companion!

Seats: 1 

Length: 250 cm

Weight: 2.8 kg

Load capacity: 150 kg