Guigui Helixir L

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Guigui Helixir L

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Guigui on kasvattanut suuresti suosiota freestyle kilpamelojien parissa, nyt saatavissa myös muovinen versio tästä modernista Freestyle kajakista. Nyt saatavilla myös kokona S


The acclaimed shape and weapon of choice of the World Champion Quim Fontané, designed in collaboration between the World Champion himself and the renowned shaper Guillaume Respaud will be produced by the upcoming Italian brand EXO KAYAKS in an exclusive plastic edition. 


EXO Kayak has over 30 years of experience manufacturing & moulding plastic boats and is the perfect partner to produce this revolutionising shape, a brand with proven experience, great customer satisfaction & truly passionate in kayaking.  


The outfitting spects are the following:


•Simple, performing & intuitive outfitting system, thought to be extra-light and durable.

•Adjustable rope-system backrest.

•Foot-rest foam set, already shaped to fit your boat. 

•Over-thruster included.

•Adjustable seat with the Exo Rail Technology. 

•Central Foam Block – Compact & Rigid for enhanced hull responsiveness.

Boats available in 3 colour options: Green, Blue & Red.


Helixir 2018 Medium size available only (sorry smaller and bigger guys & girls, we’re working on you). 

Weight range from 70kg to 90kg, maximum height 1,85cm. 


Size: 179x67x37cm. 

Volume: 220L

Weight: 13,5kg