Malone Channel Loader Kayak Assist Module Lastausapu

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Malone Channel Loader Kayak Assist Module Lastausapu

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Amerikkalaisen Malonen näppärä lastausrulla systeemi.

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Max. kuorma 34kg

The Channel Loader™ is an incredibly simple to use kayak loader that works with nearly any vehicle and fits most boat hull configurations.

The design includes an extra tall frame that reaches over most spoilers, and, a narrow footprint to allow loading of two kayaks on the vehicle's rooftop.

Other features include an oversized 10" wide conical roller that improves boat control and a three-position adjustment system to match any angular loading requirement. The heavy-duty toggle activated vacuum cups have non-marking pads that protect the vehicle's sheet metal from abrasion.

Stores in the boot or hatch when not in use. Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


V-shaped roller works with most kayaks
Corrosion resistant construction
Fits most SUV's, sedans and hatchbacks
Three position loading adjustment
Stores in the vehicle when not in use
Easily installs in seconds
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Weight: 3.5 lbs
Length: 9"
Width: 16.5"
Height: 4"
Load Capacity: 75 lb