Vortex / Double Dutch Poolokajakit XS / S / M / L

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Vortex / Double Dutch Poolokajakit XS / S / M / L

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Vortex Huippupoolot saatavilla nyt Welhosta! 4 kokoa.  Varmista saatavuus puhelimitse 09-8798886 tai sähköpostilla.

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VX1 PRO-CARBON ICF approved design 2019.  We have worked a full year to develop the VX1 and are proud of the result.
Construction  The kayak comes seamless out of the mould which assures extra seam & edge strength. We put an additional black kevlar tape on the outside seam for even more durablity.  For the material layup we only choose the best materials like carbon & kevlar-carbon. This multi-layer vacuumbag-sandwich construction is stiff and very strong at a relativly low weight. The intergrated pre-shaped bumpers are made of a durable type of foam. Performance  We decided to make a No-non-sense  boat design. No-non-sense design means that we don't have any unnecessary lines, edges or other fancy but non-effective features added to our boats. Our boats are made to do what they have to do which is in our opinion, perform on the water, and be strong to last long!  So our VX1 is quick in turning & fast in speed. 
We guarantee that our boats are made according to our highest quality standard.  * Weight 10 kg - 10,5 kg depending on size.

Available sizes

Small up to 70 kg ( 298 x 59 x 24 cm) 
Medium 70-85 kg  (299 x 61 x 26 cm)
Large 85-105 kg ( 299 x 63 x 27 cm) .
Delivery  Our goal is to keep short delivery times of under 4 weeks.( EU ).  Delivery to outside the EU will take longer due to sea/air freight.  The boat comes with a  seat, bumpers and adjustable footrest.