Stormsure Stormseal Seam Sealer 100ml

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Stormsure Stormseal Seam Sealer 100ml

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Stormseal is a seam sealer that comes in a squeezable bottle with a foam pad for easy and precise application. The liquid soaks in to pinholes, stitching and leaking seams and dries clear, leaving a flexible and waterproof surface. It contains no VOC’s and is non-toxic. It is water based but once cured it can pass through the washing machine with no problems.


Directions. Clean area. Remove cap and brush on a generous layer Stormseal using the foam pad by gently squeezing the bottle. Allow the liquid to soak into the fabric, stitching and pin hole and then let it cure for 15-25 minutes or until clear and dry.

The liquid should turn from white to transparent. The sealant will remain bonded to the fabric, flexible and waterproof in normal conditions