Anfibio PackSail

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Anfibio PackSail

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The traditional version of a packraft sail! The lightweight, foldable PackSail brings your packraft properly on speed and lets you experience speed even on still waters. The sail creates completely new possibilities to be on tour with your packraft. Only 478g and set up in seconds.

Packsailing - this is the new way of applying your packraft. The sails take the possibilities of packrafting to a new level. Imagine to travel with the wind on a pocket size sail. It is easy to plan new types of trips with that. The sail utilizes the wind power as an effective way of propulsion. That means you are not just dragged down the wind, but you can max out to a fair 50 degree of side wind. So you will actually follow an angle, not just back/tail wind. Packrafts will capture bigger lakes and bays by that. Speed is no longer bound to run along moving water.

Material: Nylon, large transparent window made of robust TPU, polypropylene rope, hooks and connectors made of molleton, rigid and stable frame that can still be easily rolled up and folded together.

Diameter: 130cm

Pack size: 41x47cm

Weigth: 478g


Uncoil the batten and connect clips on the mounting harness to the front grap loops of your packraft or directly your backpack attached. A continuous sheet (or steering line) allows the paddler to easily control the sail while keeping the paddle in their hands for steering and stay on course. To reduce the windward drift, we recommend using one or more fins / skegs on the packraft.


  • Crossing of open waters as an integral part of a tour (taking into account the wind direction)
  • Special "sailing tours" which are adapted according to the wind direction, so that either the outward, or the return way is covered on land.


The batten makes a stiff ring that can be folded in a tripple loop. Seams are welded and zig-zag sewn, sail makers construction method proven over the years. There is also a large window in the center panel of the sail for vision, made from clear TPU. The design puts the center of force of the sail down low, at about the same level as the paddler, making the boat/sail combination incredibly stable and easy-to-use. The sail fits all Packrafts.

Anfibio PackSail vs. Anfibio AirSail

The main difference between the two sails lies in the construction of the frame. The resulting difference in pack size can be seen in the graphic below. The difference in weight is only 12g. In addition, it should be noted that a pump  must be carried for the AirSail, which increases the pack size accordingly. Due to its diverse functions, a hand pump is also ideal for inflating and re-inflating a packraft and is therefore a useful addition to paddle luggage regardless of a sail. The Anfibio AirSail is also very quick to pack up (deflate and roll up), which means that the sail can be taken down directly on the water without any fuss. The Anfibio PackSail, on the other hand, shows its strength in setting up in seconds, but is more difficult to take down (folding).