Anfibio Life Line 15m heittoliina

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Anfibio Life Line 15m heittoliina

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A throw bag is the most important rescue device of any boater. For white water enthusiasts it is indispensable. Such safety equipment is the life line to your partner, similar to a rope team in the mountains. It enables you to reach, tow and rescue swimmers in the current, most important if stuck in a hole or under a low bridge. Typically it is used to safeguard at difficult steps.

A throw bag however is also a multifunctional item. It can be use to dry your wet paddling cloths, to wire your tent/tarp, store your food bear proof or for abseiling material. On any trip a rope is useful in many ways. 

However, most packrafter deny taking along such thing. This is understandable, as most bags weight between 500 and 1000g. However, such sturdy ropes are mostly unnecessary. Forces over 350kg can hardly be hold (except complicated material recovery with a pulley). In personal rescue situation a moderate strength is totally adequate. Heavy bags are especially an overkill. Throw weight can easily obtained making it wet.  

Thus, the Anfibio LifeLine+ has been reduced to a reasonable dimension in material. It is very light, reasonably strong and functional with good grip.however. 

With the two webbing loops on the throwing bag it can be fully attached to just any part (body or boat). Use an existing belt, apply a dedicated one, use vecro straps or carabiners. Put it cross wise or length wise just up to your preference. 

Attention: Does not qualify to abseil a person! It is no climbing equipment.

Please note: The use of a throwbag should be learned and trained. Follow the instruction included with the product.