Chums Zipper Pull Whistle Pillit (3kpl paketti)

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Chums Zipper Pull Whistle Pillit (3kpl paketti)

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Pienikokoinen, matalaprofiilinen pilli, joka on helppo kiinnittää vaikka melontaliiveihin tai takin vetoketjuun. Paketissa 3kpl pillejä.

  • Low profile emergency whistle
  • Attaches to a lanyard, key ring or zipper pull hole
  • Reflective attachment cord
  • 3 pack

The Zipper Pull Whistle is the perfect emergency whistle for deep in the backcountry or out on the water. Built to remain low profile enough to go unnoticed when not needed and loud enough to draw attention when in a bind. With the ability to attach to keys, a lanyard or the zipper pull on your PFD or coat, it’s easy to keep this whistle within an arm’s reach.