Anfibio Wave packraft-mela säädettävä 210-220cm

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Anfibio Wave packraft-mela säädettävä 210-220cm

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Kevyt, 4-osanen mela säädettävällä varrella. 210-220cm portaaton pituussäätö ja lapakulma-asteikko

Weight : 970g

Length: 210cm - 220cm adjustable

Segment: 64cm

Blade size: 44 * 16,5cm

Parts: 4

Angle: fully variable

Material: Carbon shaft, nylon - fibreglass reinforced blades, clamping ferrule, snap buttons from stainless steel


The Anfibio Wave is a touring paddle with a long service life and particularly suitable for long distances paddling (or carrying).
The high-quality carbon shaft and the first-class workmanship of the entire paddle are immediately eye-catching. The infinitely variable length adjustment, the freely adjustable angle of the paddle blades to each other, as well as the standard drip rings ensure very good paddling comfort.
The nylon/fiberglass blades are robust against abrasion and breaking load. Nevertheless, the paddle is designed for a quieter paddling style rather than for maximum power. Instead of extrem stiffness and large blade area, the paddle blades are designed for minimum weight and sufficient feed.
The rather narrow, elongated blade surfaces offer significant power savings on longer distances. The center rib distributes the water more evenly over the paddle blade, reducing flutter and twisting, resulting in improved efficiency.
All in all, the carbon paddle, including drip rings, is only 970g light and has a very good price-performance ratio. Due to collapsible into four segments, it is very suitable for combined land water tours on all calm waters.
  • pleasantly smooth carbon shaft, which also prevents blistering during prolonged use
  • narrow, elongated blade surfaces for continuous, efficient paddle pulls 
  • optimized for comfort oriented paddlers
  • fully adjustability
  • minimum weight 
  • very good price-performance ratio