Anfibio PackSeat with backrest - packraftin istuin

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Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

Tuotekoodi: 005756

Anfibio PackSeat with backrest - packraftin istuin

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Ilmalla täytettävä, kevyt packraftin istuin. Vakiona useimmissa Anfibion malleissa, mutta saatavilla myös erikseen.

Paino: 250g

Mitat:38 x 38 x 13 cm


The Anfibio PackSeat is standard with the models of the Anfibio packraft range (unless stated otherwise or chosen without). However, it can also separately be purchased later, as replacement or in addtion!

The seat has a closed surface for more comfort. A backrest is directly connected. The seat features a central ladderloc to secure it with a strap (standard in Anfibio models, to be place with others).

Otherwise the seat fits other packrafts or boat types too, as it is place freely. It can be used on top of a standard seat, which allows sitting higher and more upright. For fishing or generally on long flatwater stretches and especially when having back problems the elevation proved to be more comfortable. It can also be an advantage in a standard boat paddling kayak style, if this position is preferred!

Most users refer to the flat, solid square pad as more comfortable (in contrast to a horseshoe shape for example). Even makes a  fine camp seat and pillow.