Whetman luukku 42/30 ovaali

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Whetman luukku 42/30 ovaali

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Värikäs , kestävä ja laadukas hydrosil luukku.  koko 42/30 ovaali

Saatavilla : punaisena, vihreänä, sinisenä, oranssina, keltaisena.

The range of award winning Hydrosil 250 hatch covers are premium quality watertight sea kayak hatch covers that are easy to use. Hydrosil 250 is UV resistant and will perform in extreme temperature ranges therefore it will remain flexible even at sub zero temperatures.

The hatches are a result of many years of research and development by the WW team from Whetman Equipment.
Hydosil 250 contains absolutely NO microplastics and NO petrochemicals.
The material is inert and non toxic

The benefits of our hatches apart from bright colours are that they are easy to put on and waterproof in any outdoor conditions. They are temperature stable and so remain in the same firm flexible state at room temperature and on a hot summer day will remain the same therefore will not become too soft; equally the covers have the same state of flexibility in freezing conditions and will not become too hard & stiff to use.