Greenland Paddle Nanook2 BlackBone 2-piece

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Greenland Paddle Nanook2 BlackBone 2-piece

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2 piece Greenland Paddle Nanook2 BlackBone bases on the shape and size of a traditional west-greenland paddle. It has mild “shoulders” on transition from loom (shaft) to blades. Blade tips are round and as wide as the blade. Out standard material is Western red cedar – lightweight and beautiful wood, which generally does not rot. Pine strips on the loom is our “trade-mark” which adds stiffness to our paddles. As a finish, we oil the paddles with tungoil. Wooden paddle treated with oil feels very natural and warm in your hands. Good grip is guaranteed, even when the paddle is wet.

New Split System…

… is oval carbon reinforced plastic paddle joint for greenland paddles made by Kayak Sport. The ferrule is as short as possible to maintain more natural wooden paddle´s characteristics. Easy to use and maintain. Just push the button and you can split your paddle in 2 same size pieces

Using our greenland paddle is gentle to your muscles and joints and decreases fatique. It is silent and you put less effort in each stroke. Bracing and rolling are easier than you ever thought they could be.