Point 65 XO 16

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Point 65 XO 16

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XO 16 sulavalinjainen ja suorituskykyinen kajakki.soveltuu yhtä hyvin aloittelevalle kuin hieman kokeneemmallekin melojalle

Kisses and hugs – luxury touring made affordable.
Finally a flawless fiberglass touring boat with great performance at a great price! This is the affordable, high-quality kayak paddlers have been asking for.

It is ideal for entry-level paddlers seeking an affordable, high-quality composite touring boat, as well as clubs and outfitters who want to upgrade their fleet with a composite kayak.

At 16’5”/500 cm, it offers great glide and tracking. Beginners will feel immediately comfortable with its stability while more experienced paddlers will appreciate its speed and tracking capabilities. The XO 16 is a midrange kayak, beautifully appointed, with great finish and quality, made in vacuum-bagged fibre-glass sandwiched with honeycombed coremat for added stiffnes and reduced weight, it carries enough gear for extensive expeditions. Two watertight compartments are standard for the XO 16. The bow compartment is accessed via a round hatch while the aft hatch is oval for easy loading of bulkier items. The optional innovative rudder pedals and a hydrodynamically designed foiled, liftable rudder offer improved control.

The padded cockpit comes fitted with an ergonomically designed seat which provides excellent support as well as providing the close contact needed when rough-water playing, and a highly functional back support that offers great comfort and lumbar support.

Pituus  500cm
Leveys 60cm
Paino 24kg.