Pacific Horizons exploring the northwest coast by kayak - DVD

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Pacific Horizons exploring the northwest coast by kayak - DVD

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Showcasing some of the world’s most sought after sea kayaking destinations, Pacific Horizons captures the essence of the Ocean and inspires everyone to get out on the water and go kayaking!  Blending wildlife, people, places and action-packed kayaking, Bryan Smith takes us on an unforgettable journey documenting impressive tidal race surfing, the Orca whales of the San Juan Islands, the Bunsby islands off the remote coast of Vancouver island, “commando kayaking” with Greenland rolling and ropes gymnastics champion Dubside, the wind and waves of the Oregon coast, and to top it all off, a special appearance of Justine Curgenven’s film work depicting her journey around the Queen Charlotte Islands with Shawna Franklin and Léon Sommé.  Pacific Horizons is an entertaining, breath-taking and inspirational adventure film.


Bryan Smith is an adventure film maker and expedition kayaker based out of Squamish, British Columbia. His involvement in the paddling industry spans both the sea and whitewater realms.  He built an impressive set of credentials on the sea through the British Canoe Union and went on to co-found Body Boat Blade International sea kayaking school.  Paddling first descents on steep, difficult rivers has taken him all over the world including Peru, India, British Columbia and Washington.  He has produced many short whitewater action videos under his production company “Reel Water Productions” both for his on-line magazine “therangelife.com” and “Lunch Video Magazine”.  He was awarded “Best Over All Film” at the National Paddling Film Festival in 2007 and his first documentary “49 Megawatts” has been acclaimed both for its amazing kayaking footage and for exposing the controversy over British Columbia’s river based energy production in this years Planet In Focus film festival in Toronto.  His latest project is “Pacific Horizons; Exploring the Northwest Coast by Kayak” and it is the first in a series of sea kayaking films.  Pacific Horizons was a finalist in the 2007 Banff Mountain Film Festival and promises to entertain sea kayakers all around the world. At 32 Smith, assisted by his wife Lise-Anne, is in the early stages of what promises to be a great adventure filmmaking career.